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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the plates be available?

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, the plates will likely be available for purchase in early 2024 at your county Department of Motor Vehicles office. 🔗 Use this link to locate the office nearest you.

Are these plates only for cars and SUVs?

No! The ‘Born To Be Wild’ wolf plate will be available for motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, or noncommercial or recreational motor vehicles that do not exceed sixteen thousand pounds empty weight.


Can I have my plates personalized?

We are awaiting more information from the Department of Motor Vehicles on this topic.

How do I get my plate?

NOTE: The following information will apply once the ‘Born To Be Wild’ wolf plate is available for purchase in early 2024.

Instructions for Purchasing your ‘Born To Be Wild’ wolf license plate

You will need to go to your county motor vehicle office to get the ‘Born To Be Wild’ wolf plate. Both passenger vehicle and motorcycle plates are available. The following information may help your experience go smoothly and quickly:

  1. The official name for the license plate is the ‘Born To Be Wild’ wolf license plate. Use this name when asking for the plate.
  2. The county clerk may ask you for a “certificate” to verify you made a donation to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). This is not required. If asked for a certificate, remind the clerk that a certificate isn’t required, similar to the “Adopt a Shelter Pet” plate.
  3. Not all the counties have up-to-date posters or sheets showing the different license plates available. Fear not! The ‘Born To Be Wild’ wolf plate is available, even if display posters don’t show it.
  4. The plate will be available in 2024 to any applicant who pays a onetime $25 fee for the highway users tax fund, an annual $50 fee to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) cash fund, and a onetime $25 fee for the Colorado DRIVES vehicle services account. So, for the first year, the plate costs you $100, then $50 annually thereafter. It’s that annual $50 that will make all the difference for Colorado’s wolves and ranchers.
  5. The Department of Motor Vehicles manufactures plate ‘on demand’. So, once you order your plate, DMV will it will mail it to you in 2-4 weeks. 🔗 Visit this link for more information.

Thank you for your supporting Colorado’s wolves and ranchers through your purchase of the ‘Born To Be Wild’ wolf plate!