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The ‘Born to be Wild’ license plate hit the shelves (so-to-speak) on January 2nd, 2024. We’ve provided information, below, about how to obtain the plate. You can use the form to sign-up for updates on the plate and the projects it funds.

The ‘Born to be Wild’ License Plate, spearheaded by the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, supports programs to prevent conflicts with gray wolves through non-lethal means. The $50 annual fee provides crucial funding to Colorado Parks & Wildlife for non-lethal conflict reduction programs and tools. The plate also supports research to make those tools more effective. By law, none of the money from license plate fees may be used for the lethal control of wolves or for compensation for wolf depredation.

The plate went on sale during the first week of 2024. Here’s what we know:

  • The plate is “Print On Demand” and you can order it online via this link.
    • Click on the “Vehicle Services” tab, then click on the “Replace license plates” link. Here’s a quick video to show you how:

    • You’ll need your current plate number and the last eight characters/numbers from your VIN. If you go the online route, the charge will be approximately $118, which includes the annual $50 fee plus other one-time charges.
    • NOTE: Some people try the online method and it does not work for some reason (the form won’t let you preceed). This is usually because the DMV has some need for you to come into the local office to trade in your plates (varies by county).
  • If ordering online isn’t your bag (or the web form failed you), you can order the plate at your county DMV office [check here for locations].

Use the form below to be notified with updates about the plate and the work that the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project is doing to ensure that the revenue from the plate is leveraged to protect wolves and working ranches.


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