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Calling all Colorado carnivore fans! Did you know you can cruise with a cause? The state’s new “Born To Be Wild” wolf license plate isn’t just about looking sharp (though that stunning wolf in the middle is pretty darn cool). It’s about directly supporting the return of these incredible creatures and ensuring their coexistence with ranchers and communities.

Here’s the exciting part: We’re on track, but we can do even better! Already, we have sold over 3,000 plates, but just imagine reaching 50,000 by year’s end. Talk about pack power! That would represent $2.5 Million dollars to help make Colorado leader in ranch and wolf conservation!

This isn’t pie-in-sky. Colorado’s ‘blackout’ plate came on line in January 2023, and already it is on 228,144 vehicles. If the ‘Born To Be Wild’ plate performed only one-third as well (76,048 plates), we’d have raised $3.8 million for non-lethal tools, programs and personal to keep wolves and livestock apart.

By getting your “Born To Be Wild” plate, you’re not just sporting a badass piece of art, you’re actively funding non-lethal wolf conflict reduction programs. That’s a win for wolves, ranchers, and the wild spirit of Colorado.

So, spread the word! Let your fellow nature enthusiasts know. Post a pic of your “Born To Be Wild” plate on social media. Because the more wolves we see on the road, the more there will roam free in Colorado’s wild landscapes. Make your plate a symbol of coexistence and conservation. Let’s get this pack howlin’!